Where Should You Locate Your Business? (Essential Tips to Consider) Part 1

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer or any law enforcement agent. Every country, state and city have their own rules. Please contact a specialist for any legal consents. Do not take this article as legal advice.

First, ask yourself: 

Will my business be online or in a physical walk-in location? Maybe both?

This will depend what is best for your business and what you can get.


If it’s online, you can work from your comfort of your house. Just have a good internet connection and a well working computer. You will need a good website (doesn’t has to be perfect) design. There are platforms that can easily help you get started if you have no web designing experience. Some might be more expensive than others. But once you have better income and more audience, you can upgrade or switch to a better platform or version. 

There are some platforms that are cheap but difficult to start running because you need that extra knowledge of coding and software. If you have that knowledge, you might be interested into looking into those platforms. 

Another Fast Solution 

There’s also the faster solution of hiring someone to design your website. The bad of it is hiring someone good and $$$$. 

My recommendation

Learn the ropes of your page. If coding or software maintenance is not your thing, find a platform that can help you maintain your page from hacking, errors, etc. 

My favorite 😍 platform for beginners: 

  • Shopify– out of the box platform. No coding skills required. Maintenance and help are always available. Super easy to use. Gives you 14 days free trial. Very straightforward. My first platform. Downside: You need to purchase a domain; basic hosting is $29 a month. 
  • WordPress.com/WooCommerce- cheaper option than Shopify. You can still get a great design from basic themes. My second platform I got and it’s still good. Downside: it might not be beginner friendly until you learn how the system works. 
  • WordPress.org- open free source where building a website is endless. I’ve tried it but coding is not my field. But I heard is great for those who have experience with software and such. Downside: you must worry about maintaining your website from virus, updates and more. 
  • Launchcart.com– I’m starting to use this page for Print on Demand. So far, it’s good. Free to launch a basic page but limited on customizing. I shall write a review post once I have more time running the store. If you’re interest into looking into this platform for your store, be my guess.

Physical Location 

This is when you have an actual location where you’re running your business. This can be a store, restaurant, clinic, salon, office, warehouse, and such. 

One of California’s requirements is to make sure the building meets all the safety standards to run your stand. I don’t know if this is required in all places. Check with your city and county’s law. 

Physical vs online store. Two different scenarios.

Important advice when getting a physical location….

First, make sure the location is somewhere favorable for your clients and your business. If your location is hidden or where not many people stop by, your business may fail to attract potential customers. 

Second, when renting or buying a place, make sure you come to good agreement terms with the landlord. Read everything in the contact and make sure you understand everything. If there is no paper contract, ask that the terms/conditions are written and sign by both you and the landlord. Why? Because if there was to be an issue regarding your business and the landlord decides to lawsuit you. You have the paper evidence to back you up. If you’re not sure, seek for professional advice/help. 

Lastly, how well is the condition of your building? Most of the time you’ll need to put extras cash and time to repair anything that needs to be fixed. Then remodel the place based on your business theme. Add the final touches, such as decoration, a cash register, shelves with products (it’s a store), etc. You might get a general idea. 

Optional: buy a business on sell, like what you’re planning on doing. The good news, everything is set up for you for most part. Plus, if the place has a good reputation, you have more chances of having already customers. The bad news, big debt 💸 depending how you negotiate with the previous owner. Aside, some customers might not be very happy about the change of management. 

Can I have both physical and online shops?

I would suggest to only focus into one first, then move on to the other when you have an audience and you know your business is steady or successful. Why? If you focus on two at the same time, you might end up ruining one or two. Start with one, focus on what you’re business lacks and improve. Once you have a much better understanding, you can test on the other.

To Be Continued

Long article this time! 😅 I will continue with this subject on the next article. 

If you have any questions, comments or/and concerns, please comment below. I’ll love to help you. 

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