Essential Steps Before Opening Your Store

Now, the fun part about your business. making your shop look customer friendly and marketing. This is the part where get creative. Begin with the remodeling, whether it’s a physical or an online store. You are building your empire, your brand here. Custom your shop to be friendly while at the same time, begin to announce the opening of your business.

Remodeling your Shop

Whether your business is online, physical location, or a service, make it easy and friendly for your customers to come and be interested in buying. 

An online store will need a design easy to navigate, fast loading, with many payment methods. Add your private policy, shipping times, about us, and contact us pages. Have friendly, not too long, or short item descriptions that mention features and the purpose of your item. Beautiful clear pictures showing how your item looks and how is being used. Add any warnings or directions the item might have. 

For your physical store, remodel the building, paint, replace, and add all necessaries. Make your business professional and friendly to your customers. Get the material you need. For example, a restaurant will need tables, chairs, a full functional kitchen, register, etc. 

All types of business will need a computer or paper to keep track of all your expenses and profits. 

For a service, it depends. Bookkeepers might be able to work at home. But they’ll need a computer with good internet and maybe a software. Whereas, a landscape maintenance will need different gardening equipment and parts for the job. 

remodeling and building your brand.
remodeling and building your brand.

Important Tips

Tip 1. Be the customer, and ask yourself: “would I buy from this store?” If you were to walk in into your store. “what do I expect from this business?”. “Is it easy to know or navigate in this store?”

Tip 2. Do you know who your audience is? What are they looking for? Remember you are selling an idea/lifestyle, not a product.

Add it all up

Add all this expenses. Try to go as economical as possible, but don’t go cheap. Use used furniture that looks good. Try to find bundles. If you can reuse/recycle and it’s still in good conditions, use it. I bought a Microsoft surface on eBay used for around ~$280 with all and pen and keyboard. I reset the system and it was like new. I used also old iPads, laptop 💻, even an old phone 📱. Update to the latest version it can and try to work with them. 

Add up all your expenses, making sure you have spare money.
Add up all your expenses, making sure you have spare money.

Now What?

By now, your business plan should be done ✅. You should have a real good idea of what your business set up will be and an estimate of your expenses. 

Now is the time

If you’re planning to save up, take a loan 💵, or start with almost zeros, now it’s the time to start. 

Now to the last part, your marketing. How will you give word out about your new business?

P.S: If you’ve being reading all the previous articles, (How to start your own business) until now, I’ll give you a big pad in the shoulder. Good Job!!! If you are wondering if this cost includes the LLC, registration, etc., then yes. Only if you are planning on opening one.

If there are any questions, do contact me or a professional.

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