9 Easy Step-By Step Guide: Start Your Dream Business with No Experience (Plus Bonus)

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer or any law enforcement agent. Every country, state and city have their own rules. Please contact a specialist for any legal consents. Do not take this article as legal advice.

Ever dream of being financial free? Not waking up every morning tier and rushing to work. Free to travel or to spend time doing or with the people you love.

For me, I wanted freedom and the ability to make my own decisions. And you? What makes you want to start?

Table of contents  
Find your motivation
Find a profitable item
Plan out your business
Choose a structure
Get licenses and permits
Open a bank account
Find a location
Build your business

I have an article for every step that does even deeper explanation. You are free to look into these articles to get a better understanding or ask me any questions you may have.

Note: Always begin with your blueprint. Plan your business before taking action.

1.   Find your motivation

I know the idea for some people might be impossible or nerve breaking. Find your motivation. Why do you want to start? It will be a hard route but with many rewards. If you think you are alone there are many wonderful people that can help you. Remain positive and when you don’t remember the motivation that made you start.

2. Find a profitable item

If you are wondering what to sell, pick something you like and can help solve a problem to someone else. For example, if you like to travel, become a guide, or write a blog about your travels. Give tips and advice when traveling to a specific place.

3. Plan out your business

Decide if you’ll be selling online or a physical location. Will you be selling a product or a service? Is your item on demand? Who will be your customers? What problem will your business solve?

Write down your business plan  including all expenses and essentials.
Write down your business plan including all expenses and essentials.

4.   Choose a structure

How will your business be tax or protect you from a lawsuit? Not all business initiate with something too complex. But taking the extra precautions can help you out with future stress.

5.   Get licenses and permits

Does your business require any licenses and/or permits to operate legally? Every city, county, country will have different policies. Check with your state secretary, city, and county to find out.

6.   Open a bank account

Separate your personal account with your business. Why?? You might have personal bills you need to pay every month. Plus, let us not forget about taxes. Don’t add more stress than what it needs to be.

7.   Find a location

Where will your business be located? Online? Home? Specific location? If you have a physical location make it easier so that customers find you. (Part 2 here)

8.   Build your business

What will your business need? For instance, for a restaurant; you’ll need a full function kitchen. This is where you build your store. Build your store based on your niche and easy for your customers to navigate.

9.   Marketing

Announce to everyone that your business will/is open. Make it exiting for people to want to come. Pick through their curiosity by offering a gift or discount.


I’ve taken the opportunity to design a business plan templet to help you plan out your business before you begin. The templet is an e-mail printout from our new store.

Check your spam if your mail has not being received yet.


Overall, starting a business can be exciting but at the same time frightening. There is support that can help you find all the answers you need. But hard work, perseverance, and being open minded benefit throughout the way. Having a guide or a lead makes it easier to begin.

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