8 Favorite Platforms to Sell Online (Free and Easy to Use)

Online selling is becoming popular as the years are passing by.  According to emarketer.com, e-commerce has increase more than 30% since the COVID-19 pandemic. Imagine how far will go in the future?

Why to Sell Online?

I find it exciting when it comes to online selling? Why? Most people are online for many reasons, including myself. They look for solutions, entertainment, socializing, and more. You go online, at times, to look for a solution to a problem you have. When you’re bore, you look for something fun to do. Social media and other platforms, help communicate with other people specially from far away. Even gaming is becoming popular for many. The internet has many useful resources you can now inform yourself.

So why not sell a solution or idea to this market?

Some of my Favorite Platforms?

Popular platform

Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Redbubble

For a small fee, you can start to sell in these platforms. If you find the right promotion, you are legible to sell for free or with a discount. This type of stores can bring you some free traffic (free customers).


Everyone knows how fast and reliable Amazon is. They have the Prime subscription for fast and free shipping with some legit items. Plus, they are responsible when it comes to damage, misdeliver, or bad packaging. I mainly buy electronics. Even my doctor recommended to buy some wrist supporters from amazon. If the doctor recommences it, then it’s legit.

Like Amazon, E-bay sell variety of items but cheaper price. You can find from new to used items at a good price. They have biddings and more.

Etsy and Redbubble are platforms mainly for the creators. If you’re good at art, crafting, for sell supplies, these platforms might be for you. Redbubble is free to sell, except that when a person purchases from your store, you’ll pay the front cost to begin.

The downside is the competition. If someone else is selling the same item at a better price or quality, you have less chances to make a sell.

Launchcart and Shift4shop

These platforms allow you to own your own website for FREE. No monthly payments or hidden fees, only when a purchase is done. You may connect your domain and update your subscription (which you must pay). Overall, very basic store, great start if you have no money or if this will be a hobby or side hustle. Both are easy to use and they have 24-hour support.

I tried them both, I was able to build a side without breaking my head. The downside is the features are limited. For Lauchcart, loading images was a bit troublesome because if the images were to big then they would not be accepted. Also, they have limited payments. Which as a buyer, I like to have other options unless, I know the store where I’m buying is reliable.

That’s where I turn to Shift4shop. They do the same as Lauchcart, but they have PayPal payment, better themes, better insight, and you can have your own blog.

Fun fact: Shift4shop is part of 3dcart platform.

My review on Shift4shop

I liked this platform a bit better. Though, loading while working on the page it happens all the time. The page stops responding, I work better on the phone to avoid this problem. But typing a description, not so much.

I will not complain about their downsides. Afterall, these platforms are free. If you wish for something better, you’ll have to pay.

WordPress- WooCommerce

One of the most popular platforms out there. If you want to start a free blog, wordpress.com has a free plan. Of course, you may update for more features and more.

Then you have wordpress.org that is a free platform, you just need to buy the domain and hosting. Free to use but you must add the right plug-ins to make it work like a store.

Wait, what about WooCommerce? WooCommerce is a free plug-in that can turn your WordPress page into a store. There is a huge community that can help you if you have any questions. There are free and paid plug-ins, depending what best fits your shop.

The downside is the learning curve before you have full control of your page. You also need to have your plug-ins updated. Sometimes you need to have coding or techno knowledge to manage your page. Which for some (like me) might have a hard time to understand or little time on hands.


Another popular platform online. What makes Shopify great? This platform is like an out-of-the-box product. You just need to do somethings here and there and you’ll have a store running. They have great support, tutorials, great features, easy to use, many payment methods, many plug-ins and more.

This is where my main store is hosted. Love-hate relationship with this platform because this may cost me more than the other platforms. Shopify can be a bit pricy but has great features. This platform is my go-to for something serious.

Which Platform should you choose?

I highly suggest starting or try your own store. You can drive people to your own page and sell them your items without having competition on the same page.  The only downside is bringing traffic to your store. 

Shopify is easiest to use as a beginner. Though, you will need money after your first trial. 

WordPress does a wonderful job as Shopify for a cheaper price. The only downside, it has a learning curve to understand this platform. 

What I like about the others (Amazon, Etsy, E-Bay, and Redbubble) free traffic and cheaper to start. But there is more competition to watch out for. 

Why Not Both?

Why not have both??? Maybe start with Amazon, build your store. See what items people like and build a steady income source. Then, based on the information from your Amazon store, create your own store. Now you have two possible income sources. 

To Conclude

Not every selling platform is perfect. Why not try what is best fit for you. Testing, trying, and not giving up are important keys to succeed a business. 

Are you uncertain where to start a business? I have a serious where I can help you get started on your own business. 

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