Why Do You Need a Blog for Your Business? (What Can You Do Instead)

If you’re re not sure to start a blog for your business or as a freelance; then you’re not the only one. Many beginners question this when starting or want to get more traffic into their page. 

Why Need a Blog?

If you want free organic traffic into your page, this is your chance to show your potential customers your trustworthy, credibility, and the reason why should they be buying from you?

A blog help people with tips, education, ideas, and more. For example, this blog is mainly to teach people about starting different types of businesses and tips. If you feel more comfortable with podcasts or making YouTube videos, this is optional from doing a blog.

How it was for me?

While trying to figure out how to start my first business, I came across blogging. In all honesty, I didn’t feel cut out for it and time consuming to begin. I decided not to blog. Then I launched the business, I was so excited. As time passed, I noticed traffic was hard to get in.  

I talked over with my teammates and we concluded we need to add more value to our page. We started to add quotes, fun facts, and blog post. This is where blogging begin for me. I began to use blogging for announcing important news such as changes or new items in the store.  Then I went on to writing about benefits our products would have. As well as advice and such about our niche. 

In other words, it took time for me to get used to blogging. But also, to analyze how would I approach blogging in a way I would feel comfortable. 

Different Types of Blogs

A little advice: blogging is not just about writing. There are picture blogs, video, podcast, and more. You need to find what best suits you. I recommend doing multiple of these options. But on the beginning, start with one. 

  1. If you don’t feel comfortable with being recorded, then try writing down a blog post. You won’t be perfect at first but add your unique personal touch to it. People want to hear other people, not robots 🤖 or boring textbooks 📚. Add images, your own expressions, emojis, any stories related? 
  1. Start a YouTube channel. Some people prefer to watch videos than to read. They learn by visually seeing. 
  2. Podcast like having a radio. Just make sure to have a clear audio. 
  3. If you’ve tried all this and still no luck, my last suggestion would be focus on social media. Add meaningful post and be active. Try to attract others to your business.
Podcast vs. video recording

Final Thoughts 

Blogging is important to add more trust and value to your brand. There are many other ways to show this credibility, such as videos, podcasts and more. You need to try to figure out which way is best for you to add this value to your business. 

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