5 Mistakes Preventing Your Blog Post from Succeeding (Bonus)

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Are you trying to improve your blog post, but don’t know where to start? Sometimes traffic doesn’t come in one or two days. This can take weeks or months!! The key here is patience and perseverance. Keep going, learn from your mistakes and improve. I know it might not be easy, but the achievement is worth it.

Here are some mistakes you might be doing:

Mistake 1: Your post is not solving or helping your audience

What is the main purpose of your blog? Is your blog serving its purpose? If your blog is about cooking unique recipes, are you really teaching people how to. Sometimes it’s best to narrow your topic. For instance:

  • Easy deserts you can cook without an oven
  • Fast 10-minute cooking for the busy people
  • Keto yummy healthy style food

Notice all the topics above are still focusing on cooking, but now far more specific.

Tip: If you don’t know what to write about, do your research. Ask your audience or look at what your competitors are doing. Do a google search or read the comments people leave.

Mistake 2: You’re not using SEO

Another mistake is not using SEO for your articles. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. They are keywords you can use so that people can find your article faster with typing in the “key” words. Make sure your article is using some of those keywords, but don’t saturate your post with these words.

Be mindful that SEO might take some time (from months to years), if you want faster results, you might want to advertise your site.

Mistake 3: Lack of advertising or building an email list

For faster results you can pay to promote your site. But when you are starting or don’t have money, you can post your work on social media for free. With the right hashtags and activity on social media, people might be interested in looking at your work. This will take time but will help spread the word out about your blog.

One of my biggest mistakes is not building an email list, which can also help you reach more audience. Why? You can let people know about new post, promos, great stuff happening in your website. Because I thought it was not important, I didn’t begin to build one until later. Make sure people are signing up to your page. With the right program, you can have fun building these emails. Why not give it a try?

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Mistake 4: Not asking for feedback

Sometimes it’s best to ask for opinions from other people. The many pair of eyes the better.

Somethings to ask:

  • Is the page hard to navigate or understand?
  • How is the page design?
  • Are post confusing?
  • Is menu, sharing bottoms, or anything hard to find?

Do keep in mind, many people will come to your site. They are all different and will not have the same knowledge as you.

Ask honest opinion.

Mistake 5: Your post is too confusing or boring

Let’s be honest, if you are reading a book or a post that is boring, you will not read it again.

Some things to look out for:

  • Title must be asking or solving a problem your audience might have. Add an adjective to make it exciting.
  • Into must be catchy or relating to your reader’s situation. You may start with a story or a question.
  • Add heading and subheadings to better organize your blog post.
  • Use bold or underline important sentences or words.
  • Use fun images, some people are visual learners than others.
  • Add a Call-of-action or a bonus. Add value to your work by adding a bonus, articles related to your post, freebie, or discount.


Always keep in mind your purpose and your audience. Your readers will always seek for answers and ideas.

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