5 Reasons your Mindset is Killing your Business (How to Overcome it)

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When your business is not doing well, sometimes, it can be your mindset preventing you from succeeding your goals. 

It happens to all of us, and it’s quite normal. You are not the only one.

We cannot control everything surrounding us. We have good days or bad ones. What is important is that you can control those negative emotions. Helping you go throughout the day without being negative or ruining your life. 

Some reasons could be:

1. You don’t leave that comfort zone   

Who doesn’t love to be in their comfort zone? 

The problem is you won’t be able to grow or improve your lifestyle this way.

Especially when you’re a business owner, you have to take risk and tough choices at times. I know this is hard, particularly when you are starting something new. It is human nature to fear the unknown.

The change starts with you making that decision. Ask yourself what scares you about it? What are the pros and cons if you do it? What can you do about the bad things? 

Get advice and emotional support from others. All business owners and leaders know how this feels like. There are people willing to help, you just need to ask.

It’s not easy to get out there and do something different, but the results might be worth it. Be yourself and have fun.

2. You’re not managing time/money

This one is a stressful one. You don’t need the best equipment, software, and such. You don’t need to add all the details. A phone started with just making phone calls, then it changed to a smartphone. Same is with your business. As long as it has what your customers and its needs, It will transform successfully.

 You will have time and a better understanding once you get to know your business and customers. You will be able to make greater improvements.

Invest your money on advertising, your education. Keep track of where all your money is going. When you’re going to spend, ask yourself: do you really need this? How will this benefit my business and me?

weekly calendar
bed time tracker
habit tracker


3. You don’t have a plan or a goal

It is important if you’re starting a business or any project, always have a goal and a plan on how to get there. It’s easy to lose track of your goal. But once you analyze what your goal is, you know where you want to be. You have a destination to aim for. Write it down, look back as many times as you have to. If you tried something and it fails, try something different.

If things don’t work out at first, change the route. Keep trying until it works. Alter your goal if it’s necessary.  

*notebook& business plan

business plan

4. Being a perfectionist

You don’t want any mistakes. You have a great plan in your mind you want to put in action. You might be afraid of criticism. I’ve being there too.  

The big difference is you are starting off with an idea, but later you might need to change a thing or more

Begin with something good. Get feedback from reliable people and change it. The greatest things take time to be build, don’t rush it.

5. You care too much what others think about you

Sometimes feedback can be hard to take. This gives insecurity and doubt.

But when it’s not useful criticism, what’s when you stop and think: are you doing something wrong? Is it bothering or affecting them in any way?

Ignore the bad comments and use the helpful ones to expand. Seek for someone with great and honest advice.

Record all your progress and achievements, look back to them. See how much you have advance!!! You’ll be glad you didn’t do what those reproaches said.


Overall, your state of mind is important and viral for your everyday activities. A wrong mindset can sabotage your life in all aspects and ruin your relationships. 

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